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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are easily deployed, distributed and scaled up. Also the integration with other cloud applications and APIs enables the creation of integrated workflows.

We use industry proven hosting providers that can scale up within seconds e.g. Heroku, Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean. We can also assist you in integrating your solution into a private cloud for additional security.

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices and their integration of multiple sensors (camera, touchscreen, GPS, fingerprint, gyroscope...) can lead to powerfull solutions that can be applied in virtually any environment.

Also the connectivity of mobile devices ranging from Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC for payment can be utilized to build innovative and inspriing solutions. We often build our Apps in ReactNative, which allows also a larger reuse between iOS and Android.

Internet of Things

Data is gold in our times. Adding connectivity to devices and objects forms the infrastructure for new innovative services and applications.

We're using our set of proven embedded systems suppliers to quickly add connectivity to your device. In many applications we work with the ESP32 microcontroller as it offers Bluetooth and Wifi out of the box. Also adding LoRa and other kinds of connectivity is possible.

Future Technologies

The technologies we use become ever more immersive and connected.

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances your physical surroundings with an interactive virtual layer, which can be used to guide, visualize and communicate. Virtual Reality (VR), on the other hand, is a powerful for training and designing experiences. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects physical objects, digital services and people, allowing you to get insights into complex systems and streamline your work-flow.

With in-house experience on these topics, Acode can aid you in the design and implementation of your digitalization efforts.

Our work process


We start with the requirement analysis and draft a solution landscape where the feasibility and advantages of several possibilities are shown. Among these options, we will help you to determine which solution fits your needs best. The activities of this stage include:

  • IT consulting
  • Requirement analysis
  • Solution landscaping


Once the scope has been defined, we will start sketching in combination with prototyping. It is important to have a pre-validation before entering the building stage to make sure the outcome meets the expectations. The activities of this stage include:

  • Wireframing
  • Prototype development
  • Design freeze


As your participation is vital for a software's success, we want to have your input in the development process. Therefore, you will receive a test account, where you can try the product as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition before the final delivery. The activities of this stage include:

  • Early software access (sandboxing)
  • Cloud hosting
  • Deployment


Every project includes technical support after its delivery. We will guide you through the details and discuss possible rooms for extensions and modifications. Your feedback is important to us to keep the product in its full performance. The activities of this stage include:

  • Service-Layer-Agreement
  • Continous maintainance

Our recent work

Alteo Alumia

Integrated Cloud Solutions

Alteo is a multinational alumina supplier with a complex operational nature. As their production, sales, and logistics are distributed globally, it was our challenge to design and develop a comprehensive system for users across different functional areas.

Feature highlights:

  • Regional dashboards / app launchers
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Human resource management
  • Custom internal processes

Digital Consulting Platform

K.O.M.® is a German consulting firm specialized in government and corporations. The focus of this project is the digitalization of their consulting services. The new system helps in saving costs from organising business meetings, moreover, it allows their clients to reach them and their service more easily and freely.

Feature highlights:

  • Conferencing / Webinar
  • Project management tool
  • File sharing
  • Shared calendar
  • Q & A

Indoor Navigation App

Eyedog is a photo-based navigation app – designed for visitors to quickly reach their destinations in a complex new environment with picture instructions. Moreover, you can enable "Avoid stairs" to plan barrier-free routes. We worked closely with Eyedog to define the user experience and interfaces for hospitals and museums.

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