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Project Tracking Made Easy & Flexible

Plan, track & communicate in one place

Create Roadmap Step-by-step

Click on the timeline to insert phases or steps, drag them up and down to reorder their sequences.

Tip – Move the blue handle to mark your current progress.

Tip – Save as templates to get started faster next time.

bookmark_border Template
attach_file Attach files

Track Spending Systematically

You can enable cost tracking with hourly rates or flat rates independently in each phase.

Tip – You can schedule later phases, and enable them with separate budget approvals.

tab Export to Excel

Everything in A Single Glance

Quickly review multiple projects. Are you working on a team project? Create a team folder for seamless collaboration.

Tip – Create tags in the shared folder to organise your cases.

people_outline Team folder
label_outline Filter by tags

Send Secure Updates Seamlessly

Your project progress and history are securely stored in Linea. This will save you some time from re-explaining the whole story.

Tip – Select specific people whom you would like to proactively send the updates.

Tip – Auto-filled contents save you more time from composing a message from scratch.

mail_outline Email notification
lock_outline Passcode protected

Security first

Encrypt data anytime

Data will be encrypted during transfer and also while it is stored on our servers

Two-factor authentication

For an extra layer of security, two-factor authentication via mobile devices can be activated

Sandboxing of applications

Every application will get its own server environment and will be isolated from other instances

Internal hosting (optional)

You can also run Linea on an onsite datacenter within your company


Current: Level One – CSA STAR Self-Assessment
In process: Level Two – CSA STAR Certification from an independent third party

More about Linea

Cost Monitoring

Allows you to pro-actively communicate with clients to prepare for any possible financial changes.

Deadline management

Setup deadline piorities to receive reminders pior 7 days, 30 days, or even earlier.

Backup files in Cloud

Even if you lose your personal device, your important documents will be still safe with Linea.

Team collaboration

You can invite people to edit your project and share the most up-to-date information with each other.

Decide what to show

When sending an update to clients, you can decide to share only the most relevant information to keep the communication simple.

Export roadmap

Ready to kick start a project? Show your teams and clients where to begin, and how to get there.

Pilot program
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As a pilot member
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